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Track Your Zen

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Wellness is designed to help people achieve a better overall well being. It does this by suggesting several ideas for wellness activities and helps track them. Activities are broken down into the following categories:
· Physical (Example Activity: Do 10 Jumping Jacks)
· Mental (Example Activity: Read 20 Pages of Any Book)
· Emotional (Example Activity: Give Someone a Hug)
· Social (Example Activity: Get Coffee with a Friend)

Wellness is an app designed to help build your inner vitality. The app helps you get healthy in the areas you want to get healthy in. So everyone using the app will have a unique experience. By training, practicing, and tracking activities in each of the above categories you will gain the ability to stay strong, enthusiastic, and positive, even in the face of challenges or adversity.

How It Works
· The app comes loaded with some activities in every category. However, you are also be able to use activities that others have created or create your own.
· For each of the four categories, there are be different ways to access all of the activities. You are able to view newly created activities, the most popular activities, activities you created, activities that you've saved for a later time, and lastly, "Featured" activities. Featured activities are those that are created by the super users.
· Every time you complete a wellness activity you will score a point in that category. Your score will tell you how evenly you are working on your wellness across the 4 categories.
· Bonus Category: There is also a "community" score. You score community points when others do an activity that you created.

We all have choices all day everyday. Having a fresh list of positive things to do in your pocket can have a big impact on those choices. We all could use a little more well being after all.

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Download on Google Play Download on Amazon
Download on Google Play Download on Amazon

Pro Tips
· After you use the app for a while you will be granted Super User status!
· The activities that you do the most will ranked in order under "My Favorites".