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Track Your Things

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Inventory is a simple, easy to use app, designed to keep track of the things in your home.

The Inventory app is great for shopping, insurance, or even managing clutter. Imagine you are out shopping for candles. Are your candle holders a set of three or a matching pair? Simply check the Inventory app to find out! Do the kids have enough notebooks for school? What's in my fridge right now? Stop wandering around guessing and get this app!

Your house or apartment is full of things you should be keeping track of. All of these app features can help:
· Store the name, description, and location of any item
· Adjust item amounts and stock easily
· Search function to find your items quickly
· Preloaded with a listing of over 50 room names making location information a breeze
· Simple easy to use interface
· No annoying advertisements

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Download on Google Play Download on Amazon
Download on Google Play Download on Amazon

Pro Tips
· You don't have to use the room selector. You can type in your own locations.
· All of your data is stored locally, so you can access your inventory offline.