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Grade Tracker

Grade Tracker

Overachievers Wanted

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Wouldn't it be nice to carry around your transcript in your pocket? Grade Tracker lets you store, monitor, and and evaluate every grade you get from all of your classes. Perfect for high school or college students!

· Automatically calculates your grade point average based on your grades and your credit hours.
· Allows you to not only save your grade, but apply a weight to the grade. (For example, if the final exam is worth 40% of your final grade.)
· Displays and saves the date of every grade saved for future reference.
· Displays your average grade per year so you can track your progress.
· Clean and easy to use interface
· No interruptions or advertising

Grade Tracker is the only app on the market that allows you to track grades year over year. Actively tracking your grades keeps you involved and can help you boost them!

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Download on Google Play Download on Amazon
Download on Google Play Download on Amazon

Pro Tips
· The Grade Tracker grading system is based on the most common in the United States (4.0 and A,B,C,D,F)
· Internet access is required.
· The main screen displays your average GPA across all years.