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Food Finder

Never Go Hungry

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Food Finder breaks types of food into categories to make choosing what to eat fast and convenient. Simply select what type of food you want, and Food Finder will display the closest option and the top rated option. It's great when you're out of town or just looking to try new places to eat.

· Includes choices by meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
· Includes choices by category like diners, bakeries, supermarkets, restaurant type, and many more
· Includes choices by nationality like American food, Chinese food, Greek food, and many more
· Directly call, view a map, or visit the website of the selected restaurant
· Simple interface displays the closest option and the highest rated option

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Download on Google Play Download on Amazon
Download on Google Play Download on Amazon

Pro Tips
· Food Finder works best in major American cities.
· Internet access is required.