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Holiday Countdown App

Days 'Til

Holiday Countdown

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Days 'Til will show you how many days are left before the next holiday. This app is great to see when you have your next day off or remembering Mom on Mother's Day.

· Includes all U.S. Holidays
· Includes all Christian Holidays
· Includes all Jewish Holidays
· Includes all Islamic Holidays
· Updates Daily and Yearly

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Download on Google Play Download on Amazon
Download on Google Play Download on Amazon

Pro Tips
· Some holidays like Easter and Christmas are federal US holidays and are labeled as such. It's kinda strange, but it's a feature not a bug!
· Internet access is required.
· We have nothing against our buddhist and hindu friends. We just don't have the data for that right now. (Sorry.)
· This app will not tell you when it is a holiday, only how many days until it arrives. In other words, there is no "0 days until ________".

Fun Facts
· Most of our sales for this app are from outside of the U.S.