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Business Card

Business Card

Fast Contact Sharing

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Why carry around bulky business cards when you can use this virtual business card app! This app allows you save your business and contact information for quick access and quick sharing. Once you've stored your contact information, you can show someone your phone, send your information via e-mail, or text message. Stop wasting money getting business cards printed, stop carrying around bulky cards, never forget to take business cards with you ever again... This app makes traditional business cards a thing of the past!

· Easy-to-use business card creation wizard
· Quickly display your business card contact information
· Quickly e-mail your business card contact information
· Quickly send your business card information via text message
· Upload your company logo from the web or your phone
· Never pay for business card printing ever again
· Never worry about forgetting to carry a business card
· Professional, modern, and convenient

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Download on Google Play Download on Amazon
Download on Google Play Download on Amazon

Pro Tips
· After creating a virtual business card the app will automaticly open to your saved card. This is so you can access your card quickly. To access the menu, just scroll down.

Fun Fact
· This is our best selling app!